We connect plans with people. If you’re tired of paying top fees and not receiving the best expertise, we provide attentive service and the results you expect from a premier town planning consultancy.

We are a dedicated team of town planners in Brisbane with an intricate knowledge of Queensland’s planning system. We specialise in helping our clients obtain development approval, development consent and planning permits in the shortest possible timeframe.

About Us
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RiskSMART accredited

Need your development application fast tracked? Since 2005 when RiskSMART commenced we have held Brisbane City Council accreditation. This ensures eligible projects can receive development approval in as little as 5 business days.

Consult Planning regularly submit RiskSMART applications at local governments throughout South East Queensland including: Brisbane City Council, Logan City Council, and City of Gold Coast.

Free initial consultation

We pride ourselves on an individual and adaptable approach to each and every project, and will be with you at every stage of the development application process.

With an initial free desktop assessment, you will receive expert town planning advice on all your due diligence and development application queries and a quote.

To obtain a free quote phone 1300 017 540 or email office@consultplanning.com.au