Development Application fees in metropolitan Brisbane, Ipswich and the Gold Coast

1 August 2017

Posted in: Town planning

Development Application (DA) assessment fees are charged by Councils for the time and effort they put into assessing your DA. The circumstances in which fees apply varies slightly between Councils. As Town Planners we can give you an indication of fees likely to be incurred for your particular project.

All Councils charge fees for assessing DAs that relate to:

  • Material change of use (MCU);

  • Reconfiguring a lot; and

  • Building work.

A MCU is when you want to change the use of a premises, for example demolishing a factory to build an apartment building. In these circumstances you are seeking to change the premise from an industrial to a residential use. Reconfiguring a lot refers to making a single lot into two or more lots or subdividing. Building work refers to constructing a new, freestanding permanent structure or raising/extending an existing structure.  

Understanding the costs involved with your project can be difficult. Councils publish information each financial year outlining the fees for various standard DA types, we have provided the links below.

There are usually thresholds within each fee type.  It is best to ask for advice specific to your project from a qualified Town Planner. The respective council websites detail additional fees that may be charged depending on the type, size, and penalties for any work already completed without approval.

You should be aware that councils may charge additional fees for variations to original applications, their use of external consultants, and any clarifications requested by you. It is also important to note that after the approval of a DA there are more fees for subsequent project stages e.g. operational works, plan sealing, inspections, meetings with council staff etc.

Some councils offer discounts for use of accredited consultants and online lodgement, which we can assist you with. Applications submitted using the RiskSMART application process attract a discount on the standard relevant assessment fees providing the application meets all the necessary requirements. Consult Planning is an accredited RiskSMART consultant, so provided your project meets the requirements we can help you access this discount.

Most projects will also trigger infrastructure charges, which can be a big cost imposition on development and needs to be accounted for in the feasibility. These charges are levied by councils and water corporations on development proposals. Consult Planning can assist you in calculating infrastructure charges for your project as well as a range of other town planning services, outlined on our website.

Our clients value our expertise and advocacy, as evidenced by the repeat business we enjoy as they undertake subsequent projects. Get in touch today to discuss your project on 1300 017 540.

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