How a town planner can save you money

23 January 2020

Quite often people assume that consultants are not only expensive, but unnecessary, on projects. Whilst the DIY attitude might get you across the line in some instances, there are a lot of times when engaging consultants can end up saving you money in the long run. 

Depending on your project size and stage, there is a lot of value that a town planner can contribute to a project. If you are in the due diligence stage of a project, a town planner can help identify issues you might not have foreseen with the type of development you want to do on a site. This can include recommendations regarding seeking early advice from other expert consultants (i.e. Engineers, Acoustic Consultants, Ecologists etc). This early advice and insight might help you avoid a costly property acquisition made on incorrect assumptions. 

During the acquisition phase, you might also gain information from your planner about the feasibility of your proposed development that help you fine tune it and make a better, more informed decision. 

The experience of a town planner with regard to council approval is also valuable. A good planner is likely to be familiar with the development assessment teams of each region. They will also have a feel for what things are likely to make approval smoother or have insights with regard to changes that could help simplify the approval. For example, depending on other project variables, you could change your application to code assessable rather than impact. 

A town planner will also have experience advocating to the council. Whilst you could do this yourself, experienced town planners have negotiated on behalf of their clients before. Like many things, planning schemes have grey areas that are up for interpretation. A good town planner can work with council and help put forward the case for your application. Getting your approval through the first time can save you time and money.

Whilst the upfront costs might seem a lot, it pays to consider the time and cost implications that you might be forced to bear down the track due to the lack of initial information and expertise. 

Consult Planning can assist in obtaining development approvals and with pre-purchase due diligence. For specific advice regarding these matters send us an email to or call us on 1300 017 540.

Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to provide accurate information, Consult Planning does not guarantee that this blog article is free from errors or omissions or is suitable for your intended use. Requirements and standards frequently change so every individual proposal should be thoroughly investigated.