Development approvals

When three isn’t a crowd: Rooming Accommodation overview
18 February 2019

If you’re looking for an alternative to renting to a single tenant or generating income through sharing your house then rooming accommodation could be the answer.

Coastal hazard overlay and Brisbane development
16 September 2018

Brisbane has experienced many floods since European settlement and they're the most expensive natural disaster type in our country.

What is the new BCC Community Purposes Network Overlay?
23 August 2018

Brisbane CIty Council introduced a new overlay - Community Purposes Network Overlay - that took effect on 29 June 2018.

Know what STCA means for your property’s potential
22 July 2018

You may have come across these four little words in your search for the perfect property: Subject to Council Approval (STCA).

What are infrastructure charges and when do they apply?
23 May 2018

Anyone who undertakes a development may be charged these fees and, depending on the work, different charges apply.

Development types under the new Planning Act
8 April 2018

The Planning Act defines what development is, the types of development, and the various application options.

Development approval - do you need it?
18 March 2018

Many people are not sure when, or even if, they require development approval for a project they are considering.

Car park crunch - will it eat your site yield for lunch?
23 February 2018

How BCC manages car parking requirements and ratios for development.

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Rezoning - Is it possible under Queensland's new Planning Act?
14 November 2017

Surprisingly, you cannot actually rezone land in Queensland any more and in fact haven’t been able to since 1998.

Changing your development applications or approval
14 September 2017

Queensland’s new Planning Act 2016 does not dramatically change the process for changes to development applications and approvals but it has an interesting new addition.