Development types

What are Operational Works?
31 May 2020

Operational Works encompasses a range of tasks that will change the site.

What are freehold townhomes & do you want one?
17 September 2019

In recent years there has been a wave of projects commonly marketed as "freehold townhomes" or "freehold townhouses" around Brisbane.

What is the difference between a "splitter" and a "subdivision"?
16 October 2018

There's a common term used in real estate being "splitter" blocks. Depending on who you talk to this could mean different things.

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Rezoning - Is it possible under Queensland's new Planning Act?
14 November 2017

Surprisingly, you cannot actually rezone land in Queensland any more and in fact haven’t been able to since 1998.

The difference between self-assessable, code and impact assessable developments
12 September 2016

Navigating projects through Council, whether they are self, code or impact assessable, requires intricate knowledge of the relevant planning codes and legislation.