Town planning

What having services on your site means for property owners
27 October 2020

Properties can have services on the site that are not under the control of the owner. Examples of this include power, gas, water, stormwater and sewerage infrastructure.

When you can get town planning approval under an old (superseded) planning scheme
24 August 2020

Planning schemes change infrequently but when they do landowners can get caught out. The Planning Act has a mechanism that may allow a development to be assessed under the old scheme.

The difference between a strata title and a land subdivision
19 June 2020

Land can be physically subdivided, which is typically referred to as a subdivision, or a building can be divided into lots and this is commonly referred to as “strata titling”.

What are Operational Works?
31 May 2020

Operational Works encompasses a range of tasks that will change the site.

Subdividing land into small lots in Brisbane
16 February 2020

Brisbane City Council allows different lot sizes dependent on your zoning.

Should you go with the (overland) flow?
18 November 2019

There are natural paths water likes to flow along and into stormwater drains or local creeks after running off neighbouring properties and driveways or rising from the ground.

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Why gravity matters in development
13 October 2019

Gravity is important in development when it comes to services. Major urban utilities we rely upon are typically gravity services.

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What are freehold townhomes & do you want one?
17 September 2019

In recent years there has been a wave of projects commonly marketed as "freehold townhomes" or "freehold townhouses" around Brisbane.

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Why you can't get a straight answer on site yield
30 August 2019

One of the most common queries we receive is how many apartments, units or townhouses can be built on a site. There are a number of factors that can influence site yield.

BCC changes to aged care and retirement accommodation a positive step
18 June 2019

BCC adopted changes to streamline planning approvals for aged care and retirement accommodation.