Town planning

Property subdivision overview
25 October 2016

Site-specific advice from a Town Planner is the best way to avoid the common traps that catch first-time subdividers.

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The difference between self-assessable, code and impact assessable developments
12 September 2016

Navigating projects through Council, whether they are self, code or impact assessable, requires intricate knowledge of the relevant planning codes and legislation.

What is a town planner or urban planner?
15 November 2015

Town Planners and Urban Planners have influence on the shape of our cities and towns and can guide you through the myriad of complex requirements and constraints which apply to development.

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What is town planning or urban planning?
1 July 2015

Town planning (or urban planning) as a concept involves both control of existing and new development, based on the concepts of both strategic planning and development control played out in the development assessment or application process.

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