Flooding and what it means for development
12 December 2017

Flooding is a major constraint and has implications for any type of development therefore it needs to be appropriately managed.

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Rezoning - Is it possible under Queensland's new Planning Act?
14 November 2017

Surprisingly, you cannot actually rezone land in Queensland any more and in fact haven’t been able to since 1998.

Changing your development applications or approval
14 September 2017

Queensland’s new Planning Act 2016 does not dramatically change the process for changes to development applications and approvals but it has an interesting new addition.

ERAs and the town planning process
14 August 2017

If you are involved in the industrial, food production, manufacturing or intensive animal industries your town planning process will likely include ERAs.

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Development Application fees in metropolitan Brisbane, Ipswich and the Gold Coast
1 August 2017

Development Application (DA) assessment fees are charged by Councils for the time and effort they put into assessing your DA.

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New Planning Act from 3 July
24 June 2017

There’s changes afoot for Queensland’s planning industry that will impact communities and developers. From 3 July, a new Planning Act will commence.

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Whose turf is it anyway?
21 May 2017

If you own a property, or looking to, you’ve probably heard the words: easement, boundaries, and setbacks.

Neighbourhood plans and how they affect your property
21 April 2017

The neighbourhood planning process is a way for people within a community to develop a shared vision on the things that affect the area.

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Property buying: It pays to do your research
16 March 2017

Knowledge is power, and never more so than in the context of purchasing a property.

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What is RiskSMART?
5 February 2017

RiskSMART is the name of a program used by the Brisbane, Logan and Gold Coast City Councils to assess Development Applications (DA) faster.