development applications

Development applications are at the heart of what we do

Preparing and submitting development applications is at the heart of what we do. With experience in diverse applications throughout Queensland and interstate, our planners have the expertise to facilitate your development application at every stage – quickly.
At Consult Planning, our talented planners prepare development applications for:

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What is a development application?

A development application is a formal request to carry out an assessable development through a local council or government department. Not all developments need a development application, but most do. The circumstances for when your project requires a development application will depend on the local council’s planning scheme and any applicable legislation.
The application process can be quick and easy for some development types, and lengthy and frustrating for others.
“Development applications can be triggered for many different reasons so it’s always best to seek advice from a town planner before starting your development proposal.”
Typically most development applications will include application forms, proposal plans and quite often, a town planning report. Your town planner will provide advice on what application/s you’ll need for your specific project, and they will also prepare, submit and coordinate the development application process on your behalf.
If successful, you will receive development approval containing a range of conditions you will need to comply with. In complex applications, you may also need to submit further applications for approval, such as detailed engineering plans, prior to project works commencing.
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